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In the Bemani series of rhythm video games by Konami, it appears that seemingly hundreds of different musicians and groups perform the songs. However, in reality there exists only a core group of a few dozen Konami artists, performing under pseudonyms and forming new groups.

All names are in Western order (family name last).

This list does not include artists whose songs have been licensed by Konami, primarily through the Dancemania division of Toshiba-EMI.


Akira Yamaoka (left in 2009)

Mainly composes for the Beatmania IIDX and Silent Hill series

  • ric (sound producer of)
  • riewo (sound producer of)
  • 新谷あきら (member of)
Erica Ash
  • OKUYATOS (member of)
  • Chel Y. (member of) [DDR PC OST]


Hideki Naganuma
  • 長沼英樹
Jennifer Freeman
  • Jenny F. [DDR PC OST]
Kosuke Saito

Mainly composes for the Beatmania IIDX series.

  • kors k (primary pseudonym)
  • disconation
  • StripE
  • Teranoid
  • Eagle
  • LIA (sound producer for) [IIDX 11 OST]
  • Chonan Chiharu (possibly name of vocalist)
  • Hardcore United Tokyo (member of)
  • BONUS (member of)


Masafumi Takada
  • 高田雅史
Naoki Maeda (left in 2013)
  • TËЯRA (member of)


Riyu Kosaka
  • 小坂りゆ (primary pseudonym)
  • BeForU (member of)
  • りゆ & のりあ (Riyu & Noria) (used on "☆shining☆")
  • MIKI ROBERTS (used on "Baby's Tears" DDR SuperNOVA ver.)
Ryutaro Nakahara

Mainly composes for the Beatmania IIDX series.

  • Ryu☆ (primary pseudonym)
  • Ryu
  • Ryu*
  • 青龍 (originally used for Cardinal Gate in Beatmania IIDX)
  • Kraken
  • HHH (member of)
  • Cream puff (member of)
  • Another Infinity (member of)
  • Vandalusia改 (member of)
Sayaka Minami
Seiji Koga


Takanori Nishikawa (alive)
  • T.M. Revolution
Takeo Miratsu (deceased)
  • Twin AmadeuS
Thomas Lorello
  • Tommie Sunshine
Tomosuke Funaki
  • Zektbach
  • Caldeira / Galdeira (member of)
  • Orange Lounge (member of)
  • Dormir (with vocalist crimm)
Yoma Komatsu
  • BeForU (member of)
  • Disっ娘 (Diskko) (member of)
Yoshitaka Nishimura
  • DJ YOSHITAKA (primary pseudonym)
  • DJ Yoshitaka
  • 朱雀 (originally used for Cardinal Gate in Beatmania IIDX)
  • Humanoid
  • Lucky Vacuum
  • A/I (sound producer for)
  • Caldeira / Galdeira (member of)
  • Creative Life (member of)
  • The Plastic Ambition (member of)
  • VENUS (member of)
  • Michael a la Mode (voice of)

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